Survey: Clothing Sizes

What Do You Think?

When was the last time you saw one of those infomercials that features the “I was a size 22, but now I’m a size 4” success stories and photos? Or the “I can fit into pants I wore 20 years ago” testimonials? How did it make you feel? Some of us may roll our eyes and dismiss them; some of us may be more affected than we’d like to admit. It makes me wonder: how does clothing size and the clothing industry influence the way we view our bodies?

Before wrapping up my current series, I’d love to get your input on this upcoming topic. Feel free to touch on one or some or all of the questions below. Thank you in advance for contributing!

*Do you consider your body to be a certain “size,” and if so, does it ever change? If you do you not really perceive your body in terms of clothing sizes, why? 

*Do you ever feel guilt or shame when you go up a clothing size or sizes?

*Does going shopping for new clothes and trying them on in the dressing room ever cause anxiety for you? Why or why not?

*When clothes that have usually fit you start to feel too tight, what is your instinctive reaction? Do you think, “I need to buy new clothes?” Or “I need to lose weight”? Or something else?

*Any other thoughts or comments you have on how clothing size and the clothing industry influence the ways we view our bodies?

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